If you love Halloween season, then it's always fun to hear about stories that focus on some local spots, and we have another one for you today.

We have already talked about stories of weird things happening at places like Bay Head's Grenville Hotel and Restaurant and today we have some details on a place you've probably been to.

Allaire Village in Farmingdale. According to an article at nj.com, there have been reports some unusual activity there, with some psychics reporting the presence of a "nasty, angry man who wears boots". Some theorize that this is the property's former village supervisor.

And there are also reports by workers there that the Big House is haunted by Hal Allaire, who is the youngest son of James Peter Allaire, ther man who turned the property into the Howell Works in the 1820's, according to weirdnj,com.

Over the years, employees have reported that Hal like to move items and play with candles.  and according to a report at app.com, there have been reports of a woman who "glides across village meadows' and ghosts in the basement of the Visitor's Center.

Whether you believe in this stuff or not, one thing is for certain. Allaire Village is loaded with history, and you should definitely check it out. And if you're in the Halloween mood, you can even grab a haunted hayride there. Check the Allaire Village website for a schedule of upcoming events.

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