Many Jersey Shore residents are driving up to watch these eagles right here in our area!

There are a couple of American Bald Eagle nests off Marconi Road and you can drive right over to see them!

Located near the Wall campus of Brookdale Community College, the InfoAge Museum/Camp Evans and right off of Rt. 18 or Belmar Blvd/Monmouth Blvd., lots of locals have been passing by, binoculars in hand, to try and spot the nests. And there are plenty of parking lots in the area that you can pull into.

There are actually two Eagle nests. The active one is across from the Marconi Hotel, at an old army barracks at the back of the Shark River. But don't get out of your car or you will startle these beauties.

Eagles are very sensitive to humans who get too close. But cars don't seem to bother them! So your car will conceal you from the eagles' view, while you are able to see them fly!

For a map of the area and details on how to tell if there are babies or unhatched eggs in the eagle's nests, CLICK HERE.

Here is one video. Have you been there and captured a photo or video?


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