I'm so excited that, despite the weather challenges, THIS great thing is happening!

At first it looked like a jumble of puzzle pieces laying on the ground at Arnold Avenue and the Boardwalk (previous home of the batting cages.)..but now Jenkinson's new Ropes Course is starting to come together!

Before you know it, you'll be lacing up your sneakers to try out the new Adventure Lookout Ropes course, which is scheduled to be completed in May.

There will be two different types of adventures -- one for those over 48 inches tall, and one for kids under 48 inches (kids between 42" and 48" can also experience the larger course with a responsible companion 18 years or older.)

The larger, two-level course will have 25 thrill elements including a chance to 'walk the plank,", a zip-line, and a peak of 36 feet with a stunning beach and ocean view.

By the way, if you were a fan of the batting cages, they are being moved to the roof of Jenkinson's South Arcade to replace the Rooftop Golf. Don't worry...there are still TWO other beautiful mini golf courses on the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk!

Here's more of an idea of what the finished course will look like! I am so excited to try it with my boys!

(courtesy of Toby Wolf)
(courtesy of Toby Wolf)

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