Maybe you've decided to have your Valentine's celebration this weekend, and if you are you need to have the right info, and the right gifts.

We all know that nothing goes better with a Valentine's gift than some beautiful flowers and some delicious candy. Today, we want to help you make sure you have the right candy to go along with all the other stuff.

So we did some research to find out what the Garden State's favorite Valentine's Day candy is. So, if your girl is a Jersey girl, then pay close attention. You'll want to get this right.

Leave it to New Jersey to make this difficult. It turns out that our favorite Valentine's candy is not available this year. What? Yep, as you may have heard, the top candy in the Garden State is temporarily unavailable.

But, that's ok. We're prepared for it with the help of, which tells us that the second most popular Valentine's candy in New Jersey (and the #1 most available) is heart shaped boxes of chocolate.

How nice will that be? A beautiful box of. chocolates, a dozen roses or that gift she's been dreaming of, or any combination of the three, or maybe even all of them! She deserves it, right?

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