Love is in the air and candy is on our mind, Valentine's Day 2019 is almost here at the Jersey Shore.

And just like everything else, we do Valentine's Day in our own style in the Garden State. Nobody does love, romance and dating the way we do, and we even have our own unique taste when it comes to Valentine's candy.

But this year, our #1 favorite Valentine's candy according to, the conversation hearts, won't be around. Turns out the Necco company which made the Sweetheart hearts filed for bankruptcy.

That's one part of the bad news. But before we get to the other part of the bad news, let's insert something good. The Spangler Candy Co. bought the brand, so the Sweethearts conversation hearts will live on.

Now for the rest of the bad news. The company upgraded facilities but will not be complete in time to produce them for this Valentine's Day, according to Mercury News. What? No conversation hearts for 2019?  Nope.

And New Jersey is not alone. The article list conversation hearts the top Valentine's candy in 18 states across the nation. That's a lot of disappointed candy lovers, but we'll have to get by on chocolate or other brands until the Valentine's candy world settles back into normalcy next year.

In the meantime, I hope that you can BE MINE because I am CRAZY 4 U so TEXT ME, KISS ME or CALL ME because UR HOT and I LOVE YOU so CALL ME.

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