Everybody has their own opinion on New Jersey food, so when you're trying to name the Garden State's 'must eat' food, you have to do some research. So we did.

Imagine yourself talking to someone who is visiting the Garden State for the first time. You would want to make sure that they got the true New Jersey flavor while they were here, right?

So, what do the 'experts' say is the food your friends must have before leaving New Jersey?. Just like anything else, different experts, different answers. So, we give you some varied responses, and you can choose for yourself.

Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese. The obvious answer, and the one chosen by Thrillist. It is a pretty unique sandwich and one, for better or worse, the Garden State is famous for. So, it's a good suggestion for your friends. By the way, Buzzfeed says it's the most popular food in the state, too

Salt Water Taffy. It's not exactly a meal, but it was invented here, and it Spoon University's choice for the food that New Jersey is most famous for. We are forever linked to salt water taffy and that's good, but whoever invented the mint ones should have rethought that flavor. Just my opinion.

Taylor Ham. Let's not start that debate. Food & Wine says Taylor Ham, egg and cheese on a bagel with salt and pepper is the dish that represents our state. The interesting part, though, is they chose" Italian catered food" as the runner-up.

Disco Fries. You knew there had to be some awesome diner food here, right? And there is thanks to Insider, which named the diner delight the most famous local dish in New Jersey. Who can say no to them?

I like all those choices, but if it were up to me I wouldn't let your friends leave without a few slices for lunch and fresh seafood dinner. We're more than just pork roll, right?

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