There are a lot of well paid CEO's in America, and of course in New Jersey as well. So how much does the highest paid CEO in the Garden State make?

Well, according to Stacker which listed the top CEO in each state, the highest paid CEO in New Jersey is Johnson & Johnson's Alex Gorsky, whose total compensation is $22,995,564 and ranks him as the 15th highest paid CEO in the country.

If nearly $23 million doesn't get you in at least the top 10, you might wonder just how high the CEO numbers actually go. Try this number. Frank Bisignano (Georgia), the CEO of First Data has a compensation of $102,210,396.

Believe it or not, the average CEO of the Fortune 500 companies in America pulls in a little over $10,000,000. When I say 'a little over', I mean $300,000 over. For most, that 'little over' would make a pretty awesome salary, right?

To tell you the truth, when I first started reading this info, and before I knew the compensation for some top CEO's, I think I would have guessed higher, but after a while, the numbers become so big they stop making sense to me.

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