Did you ever wonder what the wildest place in New Jersey is? As it turns out, one publication has said that it's located in Ocean County.

So, what was the first place you thought of? Did your version of New Jersey's wildest spot involve drink specials, karaoke and maybe a live band or DJ? Then you're not talking about the kind of wild we're talking about here.

The wild we're talking about is the one nature provides. And according to Espresso, New Jersey's wildest place is nestled in southern Ocean County, and it's known as the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

And what makes it so wild? How about 47,000 acres of actively protected tidal wetland and shallow bay habitat for migratory waterbirds, according to the refuge's website. The tidal waters serve as nurseries, spawning and feeding grounds for fish and shellfish, all of which are very important in the diets of many wildlife species, and people too.

And the Refuge is a very busy place, with more than 200,000 visits a year. And this is the time of year where goose and duck sightings, and at times they can number over 100,000!

If you want to take a trip to this amazing place, you can get all the details at their website, and remember, there are amazing things to see and experience all year long.

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