Sand dollars are pretty rare here at the Jersey Shore, but one Monmouth County beach, you might be lucky to find one or two.

The sand dollar is a really spectacular find if you're a beachcomber or a sheller as I call it. Sand dollars are often referred to as "sand cakes", "cake urchins", "sea cookies", and more.

They are absolutely beautiful and did you know that when you break one open, you can see doves? I had no idea about this until my friend told me about this. She goes shelling all the time on Florida beach and finds sand dollars every day.

Ok, where can you find these gems? The "best" place to find sand dollars at the Jersey Shore is Seven Presidents in Long Branch, according to But, I did my own research of friends that shell for a hobby. When I say a hobby, they are at the beach every morning and every evening looking for shells. They tell me that's the best time to find the perfect shells, morning and night. Right when the sun is coming up and when the sunsets. And, believe it or not, she does her main shelling in the winter. She was telling me that's the best shot of finding a sand dollar, how cool? Who knew?

Don't expect sand dollars to be right out in the open either. Like many shells, to find the unique ones, you have to dig a little. Sand dollars are usually right under the surface of the sand. I've learned so much about sand dollars. The mythical legend, mermaid coins, love that one. Happy shelling.

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