So in the latest edition of Hiking NJ April & I found myself in Bergen County at the Palisades Interstate Park. The park hosts numerous sites and trails within its area, right along the Hudson River on the Jersey side.

If you are looking to get out and about during the pandemic then hiking can be a great solution. It’s fresh air, social distancing, and good exercise. The only drawback this time of year is that it’s cold, but to be honest I prefer the cold to hike in than in summer when it’s 100 degrees out. When I was at the park this past weekend it was snow-covered so it did hamper hiking a bit but was still able to get in three miles and some historic sightseeing. Palisades Interstate Park has over ten miles of trails and are marked by color and location.

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There are several trails you can choose from, but because of the weather and winter conditions, I choose to walk the trails within the Fort Lee Historic Park. One thing to keep in mind is that when you arrive there is a parking fee, about $5 for the first three hours. The visitors center was closed, so restrooms may not be available. Check when you visit. CLICK HERE for up-to-date park info.

The historic park is small but it’s neat to see reproduction pieces and buildings that would have been at the location during the Revolutionary War. Basically, Fort Lee was a companion fort to Fort Washington, on the New York side of the Hudson. The two were set up to keep the Royal Navy and British troops from moving up the Hudson River. Unfortunately in November 1776 both forts fell to the British who, along with Hessian troops, began the invasion of New Jersey. George Washington ordered the retreat of the Continental Army at that point. Washington’s army retreated across Delaware and into Pennsylvania.

When you're at Fort Lee Historic Park you can see recreated army barracks, cottages, canon, and artillery areas. Paths run through the exhibit and I got in close to three miles. We saw a small herd of deer at the park which was surprising considering the park is located next to the city of Fort Lee. CLICK HERE  for the complete trail map at the Palisades Interstate Park. The park is about 2 hours from Ocean County.

Fort Lee Historic Park




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