It is Pi Day, yes that crazy numerical number we all love 3.14. To be honest I still have no idea what exactly Pi means or does lol Math was always my weakness I always struggled with arithmetic in school. I consider myself more a wordsmith that an numbers guy and if you saw my old report cards you’d understand that. That being said I will switch gears from numbers to food and the kind of “pie” I enjoy.

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On this National Pi Day, I came across and article all about the other pie, ironic don’t you think? came out with a list of America’s favorite pies including us here in the Garden State.

Let me first say that the most popular pie, 11 states, is not New Jersey’s favorite. According to the most popular pie is not apple, it’s cherry pie. Apple finished 4th. It was cherry, pumpkin, pecan and then apple. Didi Miam Didi Miam



As far as our favorite, we share that love with New York as well, both states selected boston cream pie as our favorite. Yup the good old boston cream is Jersey’s selection for favorite pie, what do you think? Do you agree with that selection or would you have picked something else?

I think I would have leaned toward a fruit pie, probably apple as my favorite. I do like cherry, blueberry, peach, ok yes I prefer the fruit pies lol

One thing I do know is i prefer these pies to 3.14, I just don’t think 3.14 sounds tasty after dinner with coffee lol let us know your favorite pie, post your comments below

This Looks Tasty to Try in Your Kitchen 👇🏻


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