Thanksgiving is here. Our taste buds immediately focus on pie. This is pie season, and we are ready for it. So, what is New Jersey's favorite pie?

I found a great answer to this question at Kitchn. It actually made me laugh out loud. I scanned through their list, bypassing all the other state's favorite pies. As I scrolled past pumpkin and pecan and  apple and cherry, I slowed down when I got to the "n's".

As I made it to the New Jersey entry, I saw the answer and had to laugh. According to this report, the top pie in New Jersey is...tomato pie. That's just perfect. And it's probably true. But you can't roll out a tomato pie on Thanksgiving, can you?

So, my research continued.   We checked another website that did some research. Matador Network decided that the Garden State's favorite pie is...tomato pie. Uh-oh. Is this real?

My search continued. The Daily Meal once listed the most iconic pie in each state. Now we're getting to the bottom of it. They say New Jersey's most iconic pie is ...tomato pie. It just happened again.

All I wanted was a choice between apple, pecan. pumpkin or even cherry, blueberry or any of the other Thanksgiving traditions, and all I keep getting is pizza. Let me try one more.

The Food Network will help us, right? They did a list of '50 States of Pie'. So what did they choose as New Jersey's pie. Do I have to say it? They chose tomato. I really think we're stuck with this one.

Nothing against Tomato Pie. But it is Thanksgiving, isn't it. I guess we have a new tradition.

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