Alright, so that was the weirdest Thanksgiving ever. Let’s hope we don’t have to do that again.Since my parents are in a vulnerable age range, I have been unfortunately keeping my distance. I am going to work every day and just feel like I don’t want to expose my parents to the risk.

So we stuck to the rules and Diane and I did a drive by to my sister’s house to see them and my parents. We had a get together in their driveway in Millstone. It was awesome seeing them and it gave me something else to be thankful for, but can we be done with this thing soon?

I know the vaccines are coming (another thing I’m thankful for, especially for older adults and health care workers).

I do believe we are turning a corner and I do believe that most of us have been helping each other out and I know that we can take whatever the world throws at us. But, enough already. Can we be done soon? I’ll follow all the rules for myself and everyone around me.

It’s no guarantee, but that’s how I choose to handle this, and I just hope we can put this in our rear view mirror soon.

Still, if you were able to spend time with loved ones, either in person or digitally, you absolutely have to count your blessings, especially this year.. In so many ways, we are all so very lucky. Very soon. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! and keep your chin up. We'll get to the other side of this. We're Jersey Strong!

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