We are all hearing the words we didn't want to here this fall, and those words are 'second wave', and now with Thanksgiving upon us, we all need to here some positive news. And here it is.

It turns out that in a recent study, New Jersey ranks near the top of the list for "Safest States To Spend Thanksgiving". Now, while this data changes nothing about the restrictions the state has published regarding Thanksgiving celebrations in the Garden State, this is some positive news.

The data was released by WalletHub and shows that we are ranked as the 9th safest state for Thanksgiving in the country. This study includes safety issue related and not related to COVID as well. Here are some of the stats that led to their conclusions.

New Jersey is a safe state to drive in around Thanksgiving due to our number of fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. We have the 12th lowest in the nation.

The Garden State got a real boost in its overall ranking due to our crime rate, which the study says is 5th best in the country.

Our number of positive COVID-19 cases and COVID related hospitalizations in the past week (20th best and 25th best) are both in the top half of the country.

Make no mistake though, the virus has recently reminded us of its power. The numbers are rising in the sate, COVID fatigue is definitely a thing, and officials are extremely concerned about holiday gatherings.

I think the citizens of the Garden State have been doing a lot to combat this virus, and yes, our patience runs thin at times, it's just human nature, and there is nothing we want more than to get back to normal.

But I also think we have the strength to shake this fatigue, focus on the task at hand and smack down this second wave, just like we did to the first wave. Stay safe Jersey Shore! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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