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Pumpkin spice gets all of the attention every fall, but can we give some respect to the king of November cuisine? I'm talking about Thanksgiving sandwiches and I am ready for their goodness to spread like cranberry aioli up and down the Garden State Parkway.

What originally began as folks creating their own leftover sandwiches in the days following Thanksgiving has evolved into a month-long celebration of all things turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gravy piled high between two slices of bread.

While there's nothing like a homemade creation, let's give thanks to the vast array of Thanksgiving sandwiches that fill the menus of our beloved Jersey Shore eateries throughout the month of November. While you can find this type of item on the menu of most diners, drive-ins, and dives up and down the coast these days, here are some of the standouts that really jump off the plate.

The Jersey Shore's Best Thanksgiving Sandwiches

OK, what am I missing? I am but one man and there are so many restaurants out there! There are 30 days in November and I wouldn't mind trying a new sandwich each and every date. Where can I find a Thanksgiving meal in sandwich form inside of Ocean or Monmouth?

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