Hey, look! I am writing about food again. At this point, you might think I am a star on TLC's hit show My 600-lb Life. I might eat like an animal but believe it or not, I try and run 20 miles a week. If I didn't run, I would look like the Goodyear blimp. I love Jersey Shore food.

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Anyway, I was recently reading an article by Adam Horvath who writes for Jersey Bites. He was writing about three popular food brands that originated at the Jersey Shore, specifically in Point Pleasant. The companies are now nationally known and as you probably know he was writing about Jersey Mike's Subs, Bubbakoo's Burritos, and Surf Taco Coastal Cuisine. They are multimillion-dollar companies that only hope to grow in the future. So I started thinking, "what's the next big food chain to come out of the Jersey Shore?" (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Hmmm what Jersey Shore food favorites can possibly take that next BIG national step? I immediately think about Hoagitos in Belmar. Random story, many years ago, I remember working at the Asbury Park Boardwalk studio as an intern with 94.3 The Point. Right across from our boardwalk studio was a new sandwich place called "Hoagitos". I wasn't making money as an intern so I was pretty much-losing money because I would eat multiple pork-roll sandwiches from Hoagitos every morning. I couldn't resist.

As of now, they are currently located in the Belmar Plaza and it's safe to say they are a Monmouth County favorite. I am not overreacting when I say this, I truly believe Hoagitos can eventually be the next big food chain to come out of the Jersey Shore. Of course, that's if the owners even want to take it that far. If they did, I think they could do it!

The menu is unique and the food is always so fresh. If this means anything, I got my parents a gift card from Hoagitos for Christmas. From the Hoagitos website:

Hoagitos is the latest restaurant to develop out of the flourishing trend of mixing fast food convenience with high quality fare. Priding ourselves on our home roasted meats and fresh ingredients, Hoagitos strives to provide a deliciously new and fresh alternative to Belmar's residents, beachgoers and visitors, serving cooked to order "Hoagitos", or mini-subs, sliders and sides with speed and care. We are committed to bringing Belmar a high quality semi-gourmet meal option that maintains the speed and easy eating factor expected from casual fare at a price that keeps the wallet happy.

Hoagitos caters and you can also order online! This is definitely a place worth trying if you haven't yet. Don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook & Instagram! Tap HERE for the menu. They also just signed a lease for a new spot in Oakhurst next to Rook Coffee on rt. 35! Good luck to Hoagitos and I wish them great success this Spring and Summer. BELOW ARE MORE MOUTHWATERING PICS:

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