If you read my articles, as you know, I love going out and exploring what the great Jersey Shore has to offer. What you might not know is that I grew up in Monmouth County. I graduated from Wall High School in 2012. Four years later, after getting my communications degree from West Virginia University in 2016, I quickly started my radio career in Kentucky. After a year in the middle of nowhere Kentucky, I then moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for three years. I was moving around the country to simply build my resume in hopes of one day making it back here to be a radio personality. Though I am very thankful for my past experiences in other states, I will be the first to admit I missed living at the Jersey Shore and I especially missed going to Jersey Shore restaurants. For the years I missed living at home, I am now taking FULL advantage of what the Jersey Shore has to offer.

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One of the restaurants I missed the most was Lubrano's Trattoria. Even in a COVID-19 world, Lubrano's continues to be dedicated to delivering superb Native Italian cuisine using only the freshest of ingredients from local suppliers and suppliers from Italy. This place is easily a Jersey Shore favorite, it's loved by many in Monmouth and Ocean County. Everything from the pizza to their spicy garlicky salmon is fantastic. (KEEP SCROLLING FOR THE STUFFED SHELLS REVIEW).

Now as for me, when I go to an Italian restaurant I like to keep it simple (Because my Mom is a really good Italian cook). Recently, I ordered the stuffed shells from Lubrano's, and my goodness, THEY WERE INCREDIBLE! The Lubrano's menu reads, "Jumbo shells filled with imported ricotta then also topped with our "Sunday Sauce" and mozzarella." I get the goosebumps reading that. Even though I felt my gut hanging over my pants, it still was easily a five out of five meal. The "stuffed shells" from Lubrano's is definitely an oven-baked dish worth trying.

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Side note, for an appetizer my friends and I got the "Spicy Bee Pizza" ... I have no words other than the pizza is very good and very unique! It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory with a little spice. It's spicy but not too much at all!

Lubrano's Trattoria is off Highway 34 in Manasquan. However, even though the address says Manasquan if Lubrano's Trattoria was a person it would go to Wall High School. It's right on the border of both. Either way, the restaurant is awesome and you should make a reservation! Click HERE for more details! Below are also more mouthwatering pictures:

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