I am asking you. Is there really going to be a Hooters opening in Ocean County?!

I was scrolling on Facebook, and I came across a post on the Toms River & Neighbors Community Forum. One Toms River local posted a picture of a "Hooters Coming Summer 2022" sign that is hanging near a construction zone in Toms River. You can see this sign hanging on the fence in front of the new building by Walgreens at Hooper and Church Road. See below...

William T. Sherman Hooters
William T. Sherman - Hooters
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I did a little investigating journalism, and I honestly couldn't find any details about the new Hooters coming to Toms River. The sign says, "Become a Hooters Girl at hooters.com/hooters-girls". I went to the website, and there was no information about the new location in Toms River. Girls wouldn't even be able to apply for a job because there are no links on the page for the job. THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT A TOMS RIVER HOOTERS.

When you see news on Facebook, it's got to be true, right?! Would someone actually hang up a sign just to get people talking, just to stir the pot? No way, right?! Here's what a few Toms River locals had to say...

"Oh, sweet Lord. My son will be in heaven."

"Pizza Hut and Hooters? All we need is a Blockbuster Video and it's paradise! And people wonder why Wegmans won't open here hahahahah"

'Finally, something more interesting in this area besides Italian and Chinese."

I really want to believe that there will be a new Hooters in Toms River. Even if it is true, I personally don't think they will be open this Summer, like the sign says. Is this a prank?! I wish I had more information to share! If you or someone you know has more details about the new Toms River Hooters. COMMENT & SHARE!

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