It has never been more important than it is this summer for Jersey Shore businesses to have a big summer.

Of course it is so hard to talk about having a good or big summer when so many Jersey shore residents are hurting. There is no way that any of us will have a normal summer when so many of our friends, family and neighbors are just trying to get back on their feet.

We can, however, root for our local businesses to have a much needed "great summer". We know the tourists will be heading our way, and that is good news for local business owners. Getting the local economy rolling at our busiest time of the year is critical.

I can't tell you how often I think about all those Jersey shore neighbors still struggling to get back on their feet. it's the six month anniversary of Sandy, and some spots at the Jersey Shore look like it's the day after the storm. and that is so heartbreaking and unbelievable. Six months later, and it seems like the work has just begun.

Here's what I hope. I hope those residents waiting for the help they need get it immediately. I also hope our local businesses have a solid summer. I root for everything Jersey Shore. We all do, especially now.

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