The Jersey Shore has an amazing history, and there are some unique ways towns in our area acquired their names. Today, you get a Shore town name quiz.

We're going to give you clues about three Monmouth/Ocean towns and we're challenging you to come up with the names of the towns we're putting in the spotlight with this little pop quiz.

We have no choice but to work on the honor system, so we're asking you to try to come up with all the town names without looking them up beforehand. We can trust you, right? Of course we can, it's New Jersey, the honesty capital of the nation.

Alright here we go, three clues for three towns. Good luck!

(1) This town name came from the name of a ferryman across Goose Creek.

(2) This town was named after the man who ran an iron works facility.

(3) This town was named after a bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

There are your clues. Try your best to get the answers without any help! We'll have the official answers for you tomorrow morning.

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