We all know the 'Jersey smells' jokes. We hear them all the time. We defend our state when we hear them, but it turns out those jokes apparently aren't completely without merit. A recent report ranks each state from the cleanest ones, to the dirtiest ones, and you're not going to like where the Garden State placed on the list.

Unsplash, Alexander Schimmeck
Unsplash, Alexander Schimmeck

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The folks at BestLife looked at the data regarding buried trash and carbon emissions in addition to air pollution and the amount of each state's land dedicated to landfills, and as you are beginning to sniff out (see what we did there), the Garden State didn't do well.

States like South Dakota, Idaho and Maine (#1-3 on the list) proved to be the cleanest states in the land. And as for the Garden State? Let's all say it together now. Dead last. The least clean state in the country. The dirty state.

Check out some of these jaw dropping New Jersey stats

The trash buried per capita...29 tons

Carbon Dioxide emissions produced...101 tons

New waste produced per capita annually...1.28 tons

So, are we doing enough to keep our state clean? If we are, then a lot of other people aren't because the last time I checked, dead last in the dirtiest state game is not a desirable finish.

Unsplash, Markus Spiske
Unsplash, Markus Spiske

Read more about it, and see stats from all the other states at BestLife, and let's all keep doing our best, and to remiond others to do the same. We don't want to stay on the bottom of this list.

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