Work-life balance is the ability to separate your home life from your work life. Does New Jersey have a good work-life balance?

Well, recently GoBankingRates researched the work-life balance in each state and ranked them in order. If you've lived one day in New Jersey, you're probably thinking we won't do well in this category.

So, how did we do? It turns out the Garden State is ranked #30 for best states for work -life balance, which obviously puts us near the middle of the pack, which is most likely a pleasant surprised for most, compared to where you might have predicted we'd rank.

Here are some of the stats our ranking was based on.

Average number of work hours per week...38.7

Average travel time to work...32.4 minutes

Well being rank...#31

Wait. What? The average number of work hours per week is under 40? I know a lot of people may be shaking their head on that one. If you want to get all the details on the research, you can get each state's stats and ranking at GoBankingRates.

And frankly, how low is the bar in the Garden State for us to be relieved at a #30 ranking. We're so used to be at the bottom of lists like this that not being last is a win. When did that happen?

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