Most of us feel like the extreme weather days are more frequent than they've ever been, but is that accurate? How does New Jersey rank for extreme summer weather?

The people at The Stacker compiled the date and ranked each state in the nation for extreme summer weather. You might be surprised where the Garden State ranks. The ranking is based on past 10 years (2009-2019)...

It turns out New Jersey ranks 11th in the study that used property damage due to summer extreme weather events as a barometer, and in the past 10 summers, the numbers have been pretty staggering for the Garden State...

First of all, new Jersey ranks as the 11th highest state in the nation for summer extreme weather with property damage averaging $84.1 million over the period covering 2009 through 2019.

In New Jersey the annual summer property damage per capita is $9.47, which is the 17th highest in the nation.

Remember, these are based on summer storms, and we all know some of the biggest weather issues we've ever seen did not happen in the summer, but despite that, we almost made the top 10 on this list.

If you're thinking that Florida must top this list, you're close. It's 4th. So what's the top two on the list? Puerto Rico tops the list, and Texas was a close second.

So, we are getting some extreme, and expensive, extreme weather in the summers here in New Jersey. We all thought it, and now the data backs it.

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