We live in them, drive through them and do business in them. So how did some of our favorite Jersey Shore towns get their name?

We gave you some clues yesterday about three towns in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and asked you to identify them. Now it's time to see if you were able to correctly identify the towns.

Lets start by recapping the clues we gave you. We'll explain each clue and give you the correct answer. Here we go.

(1) This town name came from the name of a ferryman across Goose Creek. Thomas Luker ran the ferry on the creek which is now known as Toms River

(2) This town was named after the man who ran an iron works facility. The facility was called Bergen Iron Works and the man who ran it, and who's name was the inspiration for the town name was Joseph W. Brick.

(3) This town was named after a bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

There it is. How's you do. That's some pretty good Jersey Shore trivia. Visit these sites to learn more about the history of Toms River, Brick and Asbury Park.

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