With a haunted looking photo like this that says 'Keep Out', when will someone do something with this old Manasquan circle factory outlet complex?

I heard quite a while back that someone bought the property, but it continues to sit empty. With all of the new restaurants and stores going up in Wall, including Ulta Beauty, TJMaxx, Panera Bread, the drive-thru Starbucks, and an Aldi's and new Mexican restaurant going up now...

...why is this awful series of stores still sitting empty? It looks like a ghost town in the midst of an area that otherwise seems to be experiencing so much new growth.

That's not to say that all of the 'old' things in Wall have been replaced yet. The Foodtown is still empty and the Circus Drive Thru has been torn down.

But the circle outlets have sat empty the longest, and that's after dying a really, really slow death as we watched one store after another close.

There have been so many rumors of what might be built on the property, as well as so many comments from Jersey Shore residents about what they would like to see go up at that site, but the last I heard, a very long while back, was that the new property owners are 'doing research' as to what they want to build there.

Have you heard any updates? What would you like to see be built there? Do you think there's any chance of renovating the existing buildings or should they be torn down?

To read the latest update on the location and what the town wants to do, CLICK HERE.


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