So, can money buy you happiness? If it could, we now know how much it would take to make us happy here in the Garden State.

If you want to know how much money you would need to make to be happy in the Garden State, you may want to check out a study done by GoBankingRates.

They looked at a Purdue study that determined it took $105,000 for life satisfaction nationally, and adjusted it for each state including things like cost of living, crime rate and unemployment to come up with a number for each state.

Bearing in mind that 'happiness' is subjective, they came up with the following number for New Jersey. The minimum salary needed to be happy in the Garden State...


That number represents the 10th highest salary needed to achieve happiness in the entire country.  And by the way, the Garden State recently was ranked among the top 5 happiest states in the nation, according to WalletHub.

I guess that means we're making a lot of money, or we're just a bunch of joyous people by nature here in the Garden State. We know that money can't necessarily buy happiness, but it does by some things that make us happy, right?

I'm not a big believer in putting a price on happiness and we all know that many of the things that bring us true joy and happiness could never have a price tag or monetary value attached to them.

If you're not at the $124,320 number, don't worry. We can all find happiness in our own way. But if you ever wondered what a happy 'price tag' might look like, now you know.

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