An 3.0 magnitude earthquake centered off the Long Island coast yesterday was felt in parts of the Garden State, so we started to wonder how often earthquakes actually occur in New Jersey?

The number of earthquakes that occur in the Garden State, is sure to surprise you. The answer is a lot. But remember, many of them are so minor, we don't even feel them. Here is some data on earthquakes occurring in or near New Jersey.

From the end of 1783 to 2016, there were 98 earthquakes centered in New Jersey, according to The Northeast States Emergency Consortium. The strongest with an epicenter in the state was a magnitude 4.8 earthquake on August 23, 1938 .

According to an article, the state experiences about a half dozen a year, but most are so weak they are not felt or even reported.

In January of this year, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake happened off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland and was felt in several places in New Jersey, including Point Pleasant, according to Patch.

If you want to view the most recent earthquakes around the world, including the one just off the coast of Long Island yesterday, you can visit the USGS website.

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