Meet "Boo & Frizz" (aka Lou and Liz.) These stylists can do your Halloween makeup like they did ours, and will even be available to do your face for Saturday's Zombie Walk in Asbury Park!

And even though I may look like I have a giant gash on my face today, at least my HAIR looks great! LOL!

Whether you want amazing hair and glam makeup or a Halloween ghoulish look, Ariana, Carla, Destini, Laura and Chelsea, along with the other girls at Styling Company in Belmar, are just amazing stylists for all seasons and occasions.

In fact, Ariana won our "Jersey Shore's Favorite Hairstylist" award when we asked you to vote for your favorite stylist!

(Ariana, Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Ari has been doing my hair for a long time, and I just couldn't resist giving her a chance to turn me into someone a little bit spooky to get me into the Halloween spirit.

After all, our morning show goes from Lou & Liz to Boo & Frizz each Halloween, so it's about time Lou and I 'dressed our faces' for the occasion!

Zombie Walk in Asbury Park is tomorrow (Saturday, 10/6/18) and Ari and Laura will be doing zombie faces at Johnny Mac's starting at 11 am for those who don't want to do their own.

(Ari's own Halloween makeup last year)

And you can book an appointment now at Styling Company for your upcoming Halloween parties and look as creepy or ghastly as you want!

But in all seriousness, even the best of ghouls likes to have great hair, and by great I mean healthy!

Did you know that in order to avoid getting breast cancer you are now being asked to refrain from coloring your hair more than twice a year??!! That's because harsh, poisonous chemicals are used in so many hair salons and in the dyes you may be using at home. BUT there is a place you can go for SAFE hair color.

Styling Co is GREEN CIRCLE CERTIFIED. Lea, the owner, wants us all to live long, healthy, happy lives.  Her salon is green and sustainable. All of her products are toxin-free, cruelty-free, and fully green!

And by sustainable, that means Styling Co re-purposes and recovers up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste, like hair leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper, and plastics. And in the long run, that helps you save money!

Styling Co uses Kevin Murphy color, which is free of all toxic chemicals. So you don't have to worry about your heath in order to look beautiful!

This awesome salon even sells all- natural deodorant, body lotions, facial products, hair products, and makeup that is toxin-free!

I can't say enough good things about what Styling Company is doing by setting such a good example of being responsible and caring about our health and planet!

I love each and every stylist there -- you literally can't go wrong by walking in the door for your color, cut, style, makeup, and healthful products. They will make you feel beautiful and healthy while doing our planet good!

(Ari and Carla from Styling Co, photo by Liz Jeressi)
(I have to work on acting like a Zombie...Photo from Liz Jeressi)
(Chelsea from Styling Co in last year's Zombie Walk makeup)