Property taxes are notoriously high in New Jersey, with the state average close to $8,000.

So how can you save some of your hard earned cash?

In my hometown of Marlboro, where the average property tax bill is $9,600, the township rolled out a rewards program, complete with a plastic key tag, that encourages people to shop locally to earn rewards.

Those rewards come back in the form of money off property taxes.

According to the Township website, 'When you purchase goods or services from a participating Marlboro business, you will receive a credit toward your annual property tax bill.'

Marlboro Township

It's free to register, and easy to just have the participating business swipe the 'Shop Marlboro' card when you pay.

Participants include restaurants, salon, pet groomers, dry cleaners, and others.

It seems like a win-win...more business for local retailers, cheaper bills for residents...seems like every town should do this!

Marlboro residents can get a Shop Marlboro card at Town Hall or at Investors Bank (which paid for the initial batch of cards) on Union Hill Road, just off Rt 9.

For a list of participating retailers, click HERE.

It seems there is no reason why every town shouldn't do something like this.

I doubt the savings are all that big, and obviously, we'd all like to see the government work to lower property taxes to begin with, but every little bit helps, no?

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