Happy Summer everyone!

PLEASE tell me you are out and about hitting up the beach, the bay, the boardwalk, the beach bars, the parks....EVERYTHING!

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My Summer is very limited but I am trying to take small steps by heading out for an iced latte at a local coffee shop or grabbing a slice of pizza.

Well earlier today, I took a walk down the street for a quick iced latte and a scone when I spotted something that had my eyes bulging out of my head.

I went to a local breakfast joint and inside, there were two teenage girls enjoying their drinks and food but THEY WERE BAREFOOT.

So I have told you before that I have a weird thing with feet. They are the weirdest looking things where it can skeeve me out to even walk on the boardwalk without shoes. 

But to sit down inside an actual restaurant to eat with no shoes? Really?

I know this topic can be considered a grey area when it comes to beach life and for businesses that are located right along the coast.

And maybe this is just me with my thing about feet but walking the boardwalk barefoot and grabbing a slice of pizza versus walking into a food joint barefoot and sitting down are two very different things.

For me...it was too far. WAY too far.

The saying, "No shoes, no shirt, no service" was made for a reason. Toes and scones just don't mix.

I'm sorry but they just don't.

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