As a customer of New Jersey Natural Gas myself, I was definitely happy to see this news - NJNG customers will be getting some cash back next month.

The handful of frigid days that we've had in November definitely made my most recent gas bill pop thanks to my furnace kicking into high gear lately.

In a Friday report, the Associated Press said that fellow New Jersey Natural Gas customers can look forward to a decent credit to their December bill.

In the story, the AP reported that the average residential customer can anticipate a December bill credit right in the $20 neighborhood (more specifically, the average savings will be $19.31, but that's close enough to me to call it "20-ish").

We can thank lower natural gas prices for the cash-back, with the Associated Press story saying that:

NJNG is able to provide a bill credit at this time due to rate case refunds from interstate pipelines and lower natural gas prices

With natural gas for both my heating and stove, I definitely see my bills go up this time of year, not only because of trying to stay warm, but I definitely find myself cooking up more comfort food when the weather gets colder, too.

According to the official website for New Jersey Natural Gas, plenty of Jersey Shore and Pinelands residents depend on the Wall-based utility, with more than than half a million customers in the state, many in Ocean County, Burlington County, and Monmouth County.

You can click here for the full story on the New Jersey Natural Gas bill credits for December 2020 from the Associated Press.

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