I am eating my Halloween words and have seen the other side.

Last week on the morning show I said that I felt that Trick or Treating should be left to middle schoolers and younger. I said that I didn't enjoy high schoolers who are adult-sized and many times carrying pillowcases showing up at my door after dark and that I felt it was actually a safety issue because how do I know that's really a kid at my door and not someone that could do me harm if I open the door?

But then yesterday I read a plea from a very good mom friend of mine who has a son who I love. This 'kid' is 6'1" tall and a Freshman in high school in Monmouth County. Her plea was to not give her a hard time or judge her if she supported her teen's request to dress up and trick or treat for Halloween.

She went on to say that her son suffered a concussion that left him unable to enjoy Halloween for the past couple two years, and that he really just wanted to go out and do something that he had always loved doing on Halloween.

This led me to see the other side of the argument. If you have a wonderful child that still wants to hang onto trick-or-treating for a couple more years, and if that kid is being respectful and wearing a legit costume and knocking on your door, let him enjoy his childhood for a few more years!

After all, there are teens already experimenting with drugs and sex and otherwise up to no good...so maybe THOSE are the kids we should be worried about, rather than the sweet teen that wants to do something that has always been a fun tradition.

There were also comments from a mom that said she had a teenage autistic son who is  over 6' tall and he is still so excited about trick or treating that she doesn't have the heart or desire to tell him that he can't because he's too grown-up looking. He just wants to do what he has always done and enjoy a fun Halloween dressing up in a costume and knocking on doors for candy.

What are your thoughts on grown-up looking teen trick-or-treaters?


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