If you win Mega Millions tonight and could have your dream home in any Jersey Shore town, where would you choose?

For this exercise, we're going to assume a few things, and they're actually some big assumptions. We're going to assume you are the Mega Millions winner, and we're going to assume that you're going to stay in New Jersey.

So, now that those rather large assumptions are out of the way, here's the question. Which town would you choose to buy or build your dream house? I bet a couple come to mind immediately.

For me, it has to be on the water, so I'm immediately thinking of a place like Mantoloking, or Bay Head, or Spring Lake or maybe one of those gorgeous homes along Princeton Ave in Brick, which I drive by every day.

You know the houses, right. There the one's that when you drive by you say to yourself, "If I ever win the lottery...". And let's be honest, there is an unlimited number of places you could choose. We haven't even talked about homes along the Navesink right?

So, before we hear the bad news that we didn't win, let's dream a little. Which Jersey Shore town would be your choice for your lottery winning dream home?

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