I have no idea what the future looks like but I can almost guarantee there will be an indoor drunken mini golf location at the Jersey Shore. I got this article idea after seeing a Facebook post about Puttshack, which is a new wave indoor mini-golf course that has thrown out the old rules, paper scorecards, and pencils – replacing them with a logical tech system. They offer drinks, food, crazy courses, and cool vibes! As of now, Puttshack is going off in Europe but they plan on opening locations in Miami, Nashville, Chicago, and they will soon open in Atlanta. 

Do you know how Topgolf is a "boujee" version of a driving range? That's exactly what a Puttshack is but for mini-golf. It's the future and you should expect something like this at the Jersey Shore to open sooner rather than later. (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

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Of course, We love spending time on a Jersey Shore boardwalk eating funnel cake, and playing mini-golf but what about in the winter? This is could be a perfect night out, indoors with family, friends, and possibly a date. Think about it? There's bowling, axe throwing, trampoline parks, but not one indoor mini-golf course that can attract all walks of life at the Jersey Shore. Hell, maybe I am giving you or someone you might know a business idea, take advantage of this while you can!

More from Puttshack:

"Puttshack was born when Adam Breeden and brothers Steven and Dave Jolliffe (Topgolf) had a stroke of inspiration – to take the mini golf experience to a whole other level. By joining forces, they took the best parts of mini golf – the fun, the accessibility, the trash talking – and powered a new game with seamless, modern technology. Today, Puttshack is on its own course, leading the field with it’s a one-of-its-kind, out-of-this-world, upscale tech-infused mini golf game, powered by patented Trackaball technology. And when your round is done, you’re just steps away from Puttshack’s globally inspired, mixologist-obsessed signature bar and restaurant. Our story is just getting started. Haven taken London by storm, Puttshack has three booming locations across the pond, with plans to open its first U.S. location in Atlanta, shortly followed by Miami and Chicago all later this year."

Puttshack Would Be Great At The Jersey Shore!

So what do you think? Is this something you would like to see at the Jersey Shore? What town or vacant building would work best for something like this? Share the article and your opinion! Thanks for reading! - Jimmy G

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