With just a few days left, take the pressure off with these cute and unique date ideas.

There are over a hundred cheap date ideas on a list I came across...and some of them are adorable! Here are my top five:

1. Get in the car with your special someone and map out five or so different bakeries. Go to each one, grab a chocolate chip cookie from each, then bring them home and, over coffee, do a taste test of each and decide on your favorites.

2. Invite another couple over for a game night and get some fun board/trivia/get-to-know-each-other's-secrets games to play for some laughs.

3. Pick a town in your area that you haven't gotten to know that has a great main street with window shopping and food, and enjoy a liesurly walk, hand-in-hand, through the town. Check out this list of Best Small Towns to Visit in NJ!

4. Find a highly-recommended show that all your friends are talking about that neither you nor your sweetheart have seen and spend the night binge-watching it together over popcorn.

5. Go to a hobby shop and pick out a model or two as a project to do at home together...perhaps a model car or airplane that you can put together and paint.

Then there are all the different dinner ideas:

-- Try out a new recipe together, from shopping for ingredients to preparing a nice meal, then, after the kids are asleep, set out the good china and dress in your fanciest outfits and meet in the dining room for your intimate fancy dinner.

-- Get take-out and eat it by candlelight.

-- Have an indoor picnic.

For the complete list of 101 Cheap Date Ideas compiled by experts, CLICK HERE!

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