Even with the beginning of baseball season delayed due to coronavirus, being a Mets fan has found a way to break your heart.

There is no baseball being played, spring training was cut short and opening day has been delayed, but despite all that, the Mets news continues to find ways to disappoint their fans. The latest heartbreak is from the Mets injury report.

If you tried to get some Mets news this morning, if for nothing else, to get your mind off of coronavirus for a few minutes, you were greeted with the news that star pitcher Noah Syndergaard needs Tommy John surgery.

That injury will keep him off the field for the Mets until sometime in the 2021 baseball season. The diagnosis is a torn UCL, requiring Tommy John surgery and also needing around 18 months of recovery.

Granted, in light of all that is going on with coronavirus, this isn't anyone's, not even the most loyal of Mets fans, top priority these days, nor should it be, but it's going to be a blow to the team when things start returning to something closer to normalcy.

So, it's now official. The Mets are just as likely to break your heart when they're not playing as when they are. Welcome to the reality of being a Mets fan.

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