Not like we need an excuse to get out and have a good time but there is a holiday for that.

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St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday and usually, the celebrations start the weekend before (and sometimes after) all aligned with a parade day.

Many will plan on a Thursday night out to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday with a few adult beverages and dressing in green.  I’ve heard of the years, by the way, that in Ireland, they do not celebrate as we do.  So, it’s more of an excuse for us to go out.

So, that begs the question, what do you look for when you go out on St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you go for authenticity?  Does the bar and/or restaurant need to sell food you’d find on the ‘emerald isle?’  Does it need to be fully stocked with Guinness, Jameson, and Harp?

Does the name of the pub have to be Irish?  I know, throwing a lot out there for you to think about and you may be thinking “oh, I don’t need a reason to go out and celebrate.”  You may think the “jersey shore” is represented by all Italians but no, towns sprinkled throughout Ocean and Monmouth have a very

high percentage of Irish-Americans.  Some reach well above 30% according to Zipatlas 

Oh, and if you’re curious about the most Irish town in NJ.  Our good buddy Matt Ryan, from down the hall, dug deep into that info.  You can find it here.

Now back on topic, where can you go and get a delicious pint around the Jersey Shore area during St. Patrick’s Day? Here are 7 lucky places for you to enjoy!

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