Doesn't it seem like unlikely weather has become the norm at the Jersey Shore? Is there any weather that's off limits for our area?

I know we're all very sensitive post-Sandy, and maybe these weather events have happened before, but it seems to me that the weather events that "never" happen around here seem to be happening pretty frequently.

Think of the list. Of course there's Sandy, so let's start with a superstorm, then add in water spouts, torrential rain and flooding, snow and ice storms, hail, a polar vortex or two, early snow, the non-existence of spring, and, oh yeah, an earthquake.

On the bright side, this year's summer was a lot more tolerable than last summer's incredible heat and humidity, and maybe somehow that will roll into a gentle, mild winter. Wouldn't that be nice?

The forecast isn't much better today. The pictures of the hail in Brick and other areas yesterday are unbelievable...check them out here.