extreme weather at the Jersey Shore

How Much Rain?
The amount of rain this past Saturday was unbelievable. So just how much rain did we get in Monmouth and Ocean Counties?
Strong Storms Expected
The Jersey Shore could be in for some severe weather that includes the potential for hail, torrential downpours and even the possibility of an isolated tornado today.
Rough Weather Day
It's not just a Monday at the Jersey Shore, it's a rainy Monday. And the rainy weather could bring some significant storms today.
Single Digit Lows Possible Throughout The Week
It just takes one warm day for the optimist in us to start thinking that winter's end is near, but it takes just one single digit morning like today to bring us back to reality, and more mornings are this may be right around the corner.
Avoid Frozen Pipes In Your Home
We are going to be dealing with cold temperatures and plummeting wind chills throughout this week as well and these conditions can become a dangerous and expensive problem when it comes to your pipes.
This current cold spell has all of Monmouth and Ocean Counties bundling up early this season. So how cold will it get and when will it be over?