This current cold spell has all of Monmouth and Ocean Counties bundling up early this season. So how cold will it get and when will it be over?

I asked Meteorologist Dan Zarrow those very questions and here's what he had to say. First, just how cold will it get and when will that happen? Dan says, "The bottom of the barrel will be today (Tuesday) and especially tonight.  This arctic blast would be cold even in January and February.This afternoon, temperatures will hover in the lower to mid 30s... but with a ferocious wind, gusting over 30mph, the wind chill will be in the teens and 20s.Tonight, low temperatures will drop to around 20 degrees, which will be very close to record lows".  By the way Dan reminds us that the record lows for tomorrow are 19 in Newark, 20 in Trenton, and 23 in Atlantic City.  Ouch.

Now that we know how cold it will get, the question becomes when will it end? Dan says, "it looks to happen this weekend... Saturday will be a little bit warmer, but Sunday will be significantly warmer - maybe 60 degrees." And the early forecast shows rain and another cool down for Thanksgiving week.

Stay warm and get ready for a warmer weekend!