There is no other way to describe today, except to call it extreme cold. When the wind hits you today, it'll feel like about 0 degrees.

And according to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, the daytime high is expected to be in the upper 20's and we'll log about 15 degrees as the daytime low temperature for today. So we reach for the record books.

We're talking extreme cold, but are we talking record extreme cold? We dug in to come up with these daytime lows for this date in certain towns in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, according to the Office of the State Climatologist.

The answer to the question for Freehold is...not even close. The record low temperature in Freehold on this date (temperature, not wind chill) is -1 degree back in 1977. Had this extreme cold hit yesterday, we'd be comparing it to a -14 day on this date in1935 in Freehold.

So what about Ocean County? Let's check Toms river. Will today break a record there?

It looks like Toms River won't get close to the record either. The history books logged a daytime low on this date in Toms River of -4 1back in 1961.

So, it turns out today's low temperature won't really approach record lows. As a matter of fact, even if the wind chill was the actual temperature today, it still wouldn't be low enough to break the temp record.

So, as hard as it is to say when you're feeling the cold we're feeling today,  things could be worse. Here's further proof. Here are the record snowfalls for this date...

Freehold...4.5 inches on the ground (2007)

Toms River...8.0 inches on the ground (1904)

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