Extreme weather is nothing new to Monmouth & Ocean Counties, but when it comes to April days, today's date makes a handful of different appearances on Freehold's record books.

As we checked back in the Freehold weather record books for April, there was no date that popped up more often than today's date, April 8th. So what makes the date so special? well check out some of the most impressive April weather records, and just look at which date is the one that holds the mark. It's pretty uncanny.

These are the April records held by April 8th in the Freehold weather books according to the Office of the State Climatologist...

If you're looking for the hottest April temperature recorded in Freehold's history, you would expect to find the the date near the end of the month, and you'd find it. April 18th, 2002 saw Freehold's mercury rise to 95 degrees, but the second highest daily high temperatures in Freehold's history (and the highest in the first half of April) was on, you guessed it, April 8, 2010 when it got up to 91 degrees.

Let's switch seasons, and look at some snow numbers. The April record for the most daily snowfall in Freehold is far and away the 4.8 inches Freehold was slammed with on, yep, April 8th of 2003.

If you are looking for the date that is most likely to have > or = to .1 of snow in April, that statistical honor belongs to  our friend April 8th.

And even though it doesn't top the list, the 20 degree low the temperature sunk to on April 8th in 1982 was the fourth lowest April temp on record for Freehold.

So, it's pretty clear that this date is not one to be taken lightly in the Freehold area. So what does our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says is in store for Freehold and the rest of our area today?

It's a rare "no extreme" day on this April 8th. We'll have a mostly sunny, pleasant day. Freehold will likely see temperatures in the 60's. No records, no extremes, no surprises. That's good. We have enough to think about.

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