Job interviews seem to be a breeding ground for embarrassing stories. One time many years ago, I went on a job audition in the city and thought I nailed it. I went into the studio and read a few things and I was feeling pretty good. When I left the studio I headed to the lobby, where someone came up to me and asked if I knew how to use the subway system. I thought it was to check my knowledge of the city. It wasn't .

Apparently, while I was in the studio, the entire staff watched my car being towed. They asked about the subways because they wanted to if I could get home. I didn't get the job.

Nothing tops Liz's story though. Many years ago she tried to get a waitress job at Bobby Flay's place in NYC. They interviewed her at the bar and basically told her she got the job and they'd call with the details. Then she tried to leave. Turns out her pocketbook was hooked on the barstool and when she walked away, the stool left with her. She said the sound when it landed was like everything in the bar broke. They never called.

I guess Liz and I would have never met if she hadn't trashed Bobby Flay's restaurant, or if I took a minute to really absorb the meaning of the words "No Parking". I should have read that sign. I really have read that sign!

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