The unofficial kickoff to summer at the Jersey Shore is a week away, and that means, beach, barbecues, boats, pools, boardwalks and of course summer food.

So what is New Jersey's official summer food. It seems to be a debate every year around this time, and we don't often come up with a firm conclusion. But this time around, Eat This, Not That thinks they have the answer.

They did some research, and came up with the top summer food in each state in America. So which food took the top summer honor nfor the Garden State? It just might surprise you.

So what came to your mind first? Was it pizza, sausage and pepper or Jersey corn on the grill? Could it be a juicy burger with a big slice of Jersey tomato on top? It was shockingly none of the above.

It turns out that Eat This, Not That determined that none of those New Jersey summer staples fit the bill. Instead, they decided that New Jersey's top summer food is salt water taffy.

Wait. What? Is salt water taffy even considered a food? Have they ever been to a summer barbecue in New Jersey?  And this just in. We eat more than taffy. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I had a piece of taffy.

Now, don't get me wrong. Salt water taffy has it's place in Garden State history. After all, it was born here, and we apparently sell over 600,000 pounds of it a year in New Jersey, and that's all great.

But if you spend your summer eating salt water taffy, then you're going to miss the best summer food the Garden State has to offer. Drop the taffy box and go find a restaurant on the water and eat some fresh seafood.

Or grab some great boardwalk food. You haven't lived until an overstuffed sausage and pepper sandwich has dripped all the way down your arm until it hits your elbow. Now that's Jersey Shore summer food!

And then go ahead and have some salt water taffy for dessert if you want. Just don't have that minty one. That one always surprises me, and not in a good way.

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