It was such a great article from, I love reading about the fabulous restaurants in New Jersey.

From seafood to steak, to delicious chicken, we have a little of everything here at the Jersey Shore. When we ask what is your favorite restaurant in Ocean County, we get so many responses and ones I've never even heard of. THIS one restaurant in Ocean County always makes the list and I have to agree, I love this one.

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With the calm breeze and the perfect views - family, friends, or dinner out with co-workers you can never go wrong at one of our fabulous restaurants.

Studio Peck, LLC, Getty Images
Studio Peck, LLC, Getty Images

THIS restaurant in Ocean County has one of the best views here at the Jersey Shore with tables right on the beach.

The best restaurant in Ocean County is Chef Mike's ABG in Seaside Park.

According to, Chef Mike's is the best restaurant in Ocean County. The food, atmosphere, and everything in between at Chef Mike's is just incredible. Not only is the food awesome, the owner Chef Mike is one of the nicest guys around and always willing to help out a local organization or a charity.

Chef Mike / Mike Jurusz
Chef Mike's ABG - That View / Mike Jurusz

You know we have a delicious restaurant when reservations are needed most nights at Chef Mike's ABG.

If you want the perfect date night, the perfect night out, do yourself a favor and head to Chef Mike's, you will not be disappointed.

Chef Mike's ABG is located at 10 24th Avenue in Seaside Park. And, always their motto at Chef Mike's and so the truth - "Bringing Sexy Food Back". Congratulations to Chef Mike's ABG, very well deserved.

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