With weather like this, we won't be seeing any snow for a while...but who needs actual snow when you can have a Snow Drift Martini?

snow drift martini
John Solewski

This week's cocktail comes courtesy of my buddy Johnny Longlegs, all-around good guy/bartender to the stars/bar manager at Chef Mike's ABG in South Seaside Park.


  • vodka
  • pear puree (John suggests simply blending up a supermarket can of pears)
  • pear sake
  • Prosecco (or other sparkling wine)
  • grenadine (optional)

Combine the vodka, pear puree, and pear sake, then top with Prosecco. Add a drop or two of grenadine if you want to add a little color. (It will sink to the bottom and lend a nice ombre effect.)

Easier than making it yourself is ordering it from Johnny himself at Chef Mike's. He just might make it for you if you ask him nicely!

*Please drink responsibly.*

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