I have a question for all the parents out there...when your kids get cell phones does your privacy go out the window forever?

My 17 year old pictured above has an extra appendage, her cell phone. She also happens to be a major chop-buster. So, she thinks it is incredibly funny to take unsuspecting selfies to see if she can "catch" me in a awkward moment. She's very Bam Mangera-esque in her method.

I could be cleaning the cat litter in my pajamas, glasses and greasy pony tail and she pops in and takes a photo before I can stop her. Lord knows how many photos I don't want out there she actually has.

So not only am I panicked to walk around in a bathrobe in my own house, I don't dare dream of falling asleep in her vicinity for fear Bella will have a field day video taping me snoring like a lumberjack.

Photo credit: Bella
Photo credit: Bella

As if that is not enough, now my little one has her first phone. She has friends on the line, and I'm having a full on conversation with her and then realize we have company. Literally our phones are a gateway to the entire world because FB live can come right into our living room and believe me it has.

Why did we think it's a great idea to give our kids this kind of power? Yes, we have rules and yes they know there are boundaries but there is a very thin line about what falls into the humor category. What have your kids caught on camera? Share with me Shannon@townsquaremedia.com


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