With each passing day, I get a little more upset that summer is winding down here at the Jersey shore. Then I stop and remind myself that our summer is just about to begin!

So many Jersey shore residents I know think there are two summers. There's  the tourist summer, the one with the traffic, crowds, lack of parking and 100% humidity. That's the traditional summer that the rest of the world knows about. That's the one that ends Labor Day weekend.

Then there's our summer. That's the one that goes from Labor Day to the end of September. That's the one that has less trffic, crowds and humidity. That's the summer that features plenty of room on the beach. It's also the one when a ten mile ride on the Parkway takes about ten minutes. It's the summer when OUR Jersey shore belongs to us again!    

Don't get me wrong. We appreciate all the business the tourists bring to town. We love that you love our Jersey shore, and we hope you come back soon. It's just that we want to squeeze some summer in too, before the leaves fall and it's dark at 4:30.

So next time you start feeling down because August is winding down, remember we still have plenty of our summer left! 

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