Here is all the info you need to prepare in advance so that when the winter weather hits, you are prepared to get your school, business, and organization's closings and delays to us, and we can inform all of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Even if your school district sends out their own alerts, many people still turn to 94.3 The Point as their first source for storm closings. So prepare now. It's a free service to report delays and closings, and it's an easy process so that you won't be scrambling when that first blizzard hits.

If you participate in our Stormwatch/Winter Weather Alert announcements, this is the time to check and make sure you have your log-in and password handy, confirm that your organization/school/business primary contact hasn't changed since last year, and, if you are new to us, that you get yourself registered to participate.

You'll even get to try a 'test' closure and see it on the website!

And on top of that, now that we have The Point App, our listeners will have access to the list of cancellations and delays in the palm of their hands, with alerts sent. A status can even be reported from a listener's phone.

If your organization is already registered with us, you should have received an email with your credentials and complete instructions. It was sent to the primary contact email address that we have on file. Make sure your email inbox will accept mail from (Otherwise check your junk/spam folder.) We do not change your log-in information from year-to-year.

If you don't find your instructions, or if your contact info needs to be updated, call our NJ Stormwatch administrator, Dan Alexander, at 609-359-5358.

If you have not yet registered for Stormwatch, do so now!

If you go through the whole process for a test report and don't see your listing when you click 'submit', you can send an email to and Dan will check the status for you.

And, of course, you can update and change your status from delayed to closed if that's the direction you decide to go based on how a storm morning progresses.

Remember...each school in your district or each location of your organization/business must have a separate registration so that specific info can be listed on our site.

Gone are the days of phoning in your cancellation/delayed opening. It's all online now. And we no longer announce the closings and delays on the air, because our listeners can conveniently check all updates on the front page of our website and on the app by tapping NJ Stormwatch: Closings any time that they want to.

Even if your power goes out, you can access the Stormwatch page to make your status updates directly from your smart phone or tablet. But it is a good idea for the primary contact to share his or her account info with another trusted person within the organization as a backup.







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