Hollywood can have there stereotypes and comedians can make their predictable jokes, but as far as I'm concerned, especially after the past two weeks, I'd rather be surrounded by residents of the great Garden State than anyone else on Earth.

I have seen first hand how much it means to live in a neighborhood where your neighbors really care about you and you really care about them. As I went through Sandy and then Athena, I had the strong belief that there was nothing we couldn't get through, as long as we had the help of our neighbors. That is true property value.

I have always known that the people in New Jersey were good, caring people who are always there to help someone in need. But you have to wonder, if you take away the heat and the power and you throw in 11 devastating weather days, and you inflict damage beyond words, what kind of people emerge? The answer is, the same caring people you started with, if you live in New Jersey. And how great is that?

Oh yeah, we're frustrated and even angry, especially about the power if it's still not back for you. And, sure, we say things sometimes. And, yeah when everything else is good, we might be a little critical of our fellow drivers and we may be pretty colorful in the way we express that, but when tough times come, we are there for each other like no one else.

So I just wanted to thank my neighbors, both in town, and across the state for being there. I'm so proud to be among you.

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